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One of our favorite things to do is learn all we can about our client’s “stories” – who you are, what you do, why an employee would want to work for you, or why an employer would want to hire you.


Telling your story accurately and well is one of the things we do best – what we think makes us great recruiters!


Sooooooo – just in case you want to know more about us – we’d like to share our story – who we are, where we’ve been, where we’re going, and of course what makes us different!

What Can We Do For You Today?

Pace Staffing - 40 years

Built to “Make a Difference.”  Built to LAST!

  • PACE’s story goes back to 1975 when we became one of the first placement agencies in the nation to require  the employer, not the job seeker, to pay the fee.  Our  founders, two young female  entrepreneurs, had a vision for how an employer paid recruiting and placement service could “make a difference”-  and we did!
  • Following 10 years of successful growth, PACE once again lead the way to offer a “temp to hire” staffing model to then maverick technology companies like Microsoft, Adobe, and T Mobile who needed a fast, efficient way to put the right employees to work without the hassle of hiring direct.   The temp to hire staffing model – new to the marketplace at the time – was the perfect solution.
  • In 2003 PACE initiated another innovation – a NETWORK of  local and national staffing agencies who worked together to provide employers with ONE STOP access to a wide range of niched staffing providers.  Our NETWORK quickly became the service platform dujour for Northwest “bigs” like Intermec Technologies (now Honeywell),  Group Health (now Kaiser Permanente), Children’s Hospital and more.
  • We’re proud of the fact that the MISSION we set for ourselves in 1975 – “to make a difference” – continues to inspire the PACE team to address each client’s staffing challenges armed with a long track record of “make a difference” success!
  • Today PACE is busy transitioning into a new generation of “make a difference” leadership.  We’re looking forward to continuing our story!


AN IDEA WORTH CONSIDERING.  Today’s competitive talent market is tough to navigate on your own.  The right staffing agency can make a BIG DIFFERENCE for both employers and job seekers.


What Makes Us Different?

We learned early that to “make a difference” we had to be different…


  • Doing all those little things that our less exacting  competitors won’t or don’t!
  • Finding innovative ways for our clients to hire great candidates faster and easier than they could using alternative solutions.
  • Staying focused on solving our client’s staffing challenges – being unafraid to step outside the box to find the right solution!

Here are just a few of those things that sets us apart….

Pace Staffing - Northwest Icons

Staffing, Recruiting and Placement Agency Services – “Northwest Style”

  • Our focus on Northwest employers and job seekers is one of those things that sets us apart from the nationally based staffing companies who often dominate a local marketplace.  PACE is owned by a Northwest native.  Our employees live in Northwest communities.  Everything we do is about the Northwest.
  • And our service model is virtual, connecting  employers and job seekers in all areas of Washington – from Bellingham to Portland, Seattle to Spokane.  We are where you are.   We go where you go.
  • Our approach in each city or community we serve is distinctly local!
Here’s just a few of the local  communities where PACE does business……..  


In Today’s World, It Takes a Village to be Exceptional….

….and PACE has created that village.  Our connections to the community and our industry span over 4 decades.

We Care About Causes Important to the Pacific Northwest…

…probably the same things you do – our environment, our kids, organizations that have helped the Pacific Northwest become one of the best places to live on the globe!    

PACE donates time and money to community organizations who we know are making a difference.      Each quarter we show case one of these organization in campaigns designed to raise awareness of their work and donations on their behalf.      

Insert a carasol  of community events we’ve been involved with and by clicking on the picture it opens a blog that describes what we did.

– with a donation to Bellevue Boys and Girls club

We stay connected to an industry which represents over 3 million workers each day!

We partner with the leaders of the staffing industry to deliver world class staffing solutions…

(Can we do a matrix of logos for our industry partners)…..or some kind of rolling presentation of these partners?

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