Our Client Let’s Us Know “We Made a Difference”

Our Client Let’s Us Know “We Made a Difference”

by Lauren Molitor | June 22, 2017

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We’d like you to meet our client, May Salvo, from one of our large call center clients located in South Seattle. We recently sat down in a conversation where she was able to tell us her story about her work in Customer Service and her role as a supervisor for a client who had some unique challenges when they added a new operation in the Seattle area.   They are a 50 seat center but every agent is bilingual.  In total the call center has people who speak in 12 different languages, ranging from Arabic to Russian to Somali!

May has worked in customer service for 15 years, 10 years in a supervisory role. Before starting her position with our client,  she worked primarily large call center environments with a many facilities and agents – companies like AT&T.   May has been with our client for a year and a half and loves it more each and every day.  While our client has 4 call centers in the US, May was part of the  launch team who expanded their operation in the South Seattle area.  She has been instrumental in its growth and success ever since.

One of the most important ways May makes a a difference to her employer is the work she puts into hiring and developing her team and co-workers. During May’s first month here in Seattle she took agent calls in order to better understand the work of the agents she would soon manage.  May described this experience as “super beneficial,” as she was able to understand her team’s day-to-day responsibilities firsthand. With this knowledge firmly in hand, May moved forward to take on her own team and help guide them through various challenges and growth opportunities.

The coaching and development components of May’s role is one her favorite things to do. Interacting with people, helping others grow in their agent roles,   is what she truly loves. That resonates with us here at the PACE Staffing Network – as we strive to be the human connection between people and jobs, with the emphasis on human.

What May and her co-workers love most about their job is that its management is diverse, supportive, and gives them all a chance to give something back to their community. They let you make a difference!

May first learned about the PACE Staffing Network through working with our client.  She considers us a great partner – “you’re all very responsive and enthusiastic to help. As you know, we have urgent recruitment needs, and we can always count on PACE!”

She also noted that the employees PACE places in temporary roles not only tend to be hired on as a full-time employees, but are often the employees tapped for promotions into the leadership team. “This has a huge impact on our business goals,” May shared. “If you need help with your recruiting efforts, work with PACE!” We are so proud to have helped May build a successful service team.

Are you finding it difficult to meet your recruiting needs? Reach out to PACE to work with a highly qualified team that can find a solution to meet your unique requirements! You can call us at 425-637-3312 or email nancys@pacestaffing.com for a right-now resolution.

If you’re a job seeker looking for a new position that will make you excited for Monday’s, contact the PACE recruiting team at 425-637-3311 or email us at candidateservices@pacestaffing.com. We have multiple clients who have ongoing needs for employees like YOU!

For additional information and ideas about ways to make a difference in your next job or temporary assignment, email me at LaurenM@pacestaffing.com or give me a call at 425.654.8788. I’m Lauren Molitor, the Partner Services Specialist at the PACE Staffing Network.  My job is making sure our client partners and partner- to-be are armed with the best practices on hiring and managing employees to optimal levels of performance.



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