SPOKANE/ Communities “East of the Mountains”!

SPOKANE/ Communities “East of the Mountains”!

by Marketing Team | June 11, 2018

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Pace Staffing - SpokaneSpokane is not only the second largest city in Washington, but it’s also the hub of business and commercial activity East of the Cascades – the sunny side of Washington State.

If Puget Sound “wet” isn’t working for you, Spokane might be your next move! The job market is robust with a growing number of new employers moving into the area daily.

Healthcare is a big part of the Spokane employment market.  In fact over 35% of Spokane employees work in healthcare facilities each day.  Providers with locations on both the East and West sides of the mountains rely on PACE to staff local facilities throughout Eastern Washington.


PACE connects local employers with top talent daily!


If you’re looking for a job or need to hire special talent to work in Spokane or any of the major business hubs “East of the Mountains” – let’s connect!

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