Hiring for Results – A Shift in Mindset with Big Impact!

Hiring for Results – A Shift in Mindset with Big Impact!

by Sara Bennett | January 29, 2024

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How You Define Hiring Success  Makes a BIG Difference in Hiring Results!

When you need to move fast AND deliver the right results, the framework you use to organize the steps in your hiring process can make a big difference. Your process can’t just be a series of tasks you go thru just to satisfy your boss or HR. It has to have a purpose.

At PACE, our hiring process has several steps – some of them all about the science side of candidate selection, others more about the artistic side of that work.  Our model tends to differ from other models primarily because of its focus on RESULTS – it has been specifically designed to encourage the selection of a candidate who is able and motivated to deliver the results a hiring manager has determined is important for a successful hire to achieve. Components of our RESULTS-BASED hiring model are embedded into our service process to not only help our clients optimize their hiring results but to enhance the candidate’s experience of the hiring journey – to actually get the ready to perform on the job once hired!

This blog is being written to introduce our readers to our  RESULTS-BASED hiring model. We use this model when selecting an employee to refer to a client for hire  or to be assigned into a short or long term temporary role. It involves a series of steps but starts with the need to get clear on the results the hiring manager states is important for a successful hire to achieve. It involves a vetting process that includes engaging with the candidate on those results and finding out how they would approach that challenge. It includes multiple screening, evaluation and assessment activities designed to provide the hiring manager with the information they need to predict which candidate is most likely to produce the results they need once hired.

When hiring for a long term role, a RESULTS FOCUSED selection model tends to prioritize a candidate’s underlying talents over their here and now skills and therefore turns into a strategy for retention.  What could be better?      

The PACE team has been using our RESULTS BASED hiring model for over a decade now. Whether our client needs to find a temporary powerhouse or hire a key player for a pivotal role, we’ve seen it result in employees who become successful hires – not just on day one, but on their hiring anniversary dates in the years to follow. We’ve recently added some new features to the process so wanted to update our description of the journey – the steps our clients will experience along the way.

To give full credit where its due – the inspiration for this model came from staffing guru, Lou Adler, and what he calls a Performance Based hiring process. Here are the key steps in our version of Mr. Adler’s model, pointing out why we call it RESULTS BASED:

#1 Pre Hire Homework

Getting clear about the actual work and the hiring manager’s expectations of what a successful hire will deliver to the company or team, once hired, is part of the homework we (or your recruiter) does with each client before the recruit can launch.  It is the first and most important piece of work in any hiring project.

One of the reasons why our hiring model is considered Results Based, is that instead of dusting off an old job description, we help our clients turn that list of tasks into descriptions of the results those tasks need to achieve – to let the candidate know not just what they are expected to do, but what they are expected to achieve.  It is key to candidate engagement.

As example, telling a recruiting coordinator that part of their daily work is to prepare new job postings describes a task – and truthfully is not a very compelling pitch to a prospective candidate.  Telling them that their job is to write job postings and use other forms of social media that will attract great candidates to the recruiting team and help the team get more jobs filled, is.   Candidates and employees are motivated by the purpose and meaning behind their work.  Talking to candidates about the RESULTS (not the tasks) they are missioned to achieve will set your company apart from competitive opportunities. We promise.   

For higher level jobs with a broad scope of responsibilities,  we often help a client develop a 30-60-90 day performance plan that details what results the candidate is expected to achieve if hired.  Talk about a way to engage a candidate right out of the gate – creating a road map for success is a powerful technique.  And as a bonus it kick starts the orientation process.  What could be better?

Pre- recruit homework should also help a hiring manager and their recruiter get clear about….

  • The actual work content – a typical “day in the life” of the future employee
  • The CONTEXT in which the job will be done – Why has the company decided to hire now? What business or staffing issue are they trying to address?
  • Factors in the work environment that might create challenges for a new hire?  A boss who is almost never on site?  Lots of daily/weekly deadlines?  The impact of making a mistake?  Anything relevant to an employees experience of the job after they are hired should be uncovered and revealed to prospective job candidates.
  • Why the right employee would want to take this job? The answer to the question “What’s In It For Me?”

The end result of pre recruit homework is the Preferred Candidate Profile – which is an outline of the right candidate’s qualification musts and preferences.  This is the document that lets your recruiter know…

  • Where to look for the right candidate
  • How best to engage them in your hiring process
  • What candidate vetting/screening/evaluation activities will be help to id the right candidate
  • What information will our client need to select the best candidate for the job – “the one most able to deliver the results you need – not just on day one but on the hiring anniversary dates to follow.

The Preferred Candidate Profile is the roadmap used to guide all the next steps in the hiring process.

#2. Customized Sourcing, Screening, and Candidate Vetting – where science and art come together! 

Homework completed and a Preferred Candidate profile in hand, our team of recruiters (or yours) go to work to find candidates who fit the profile.  They will vet those candidates against all the details you’ve id’d to be relevant to the “fit”.  They will engage them in the hiring experience by talking about the results they will be expected to achieve and any unusual pieces of the context in which the job is done.

The steps our team uses to find and recruit candidates looks like a science because it is very data and numbers driven – how many candidates are in the marketplace available for hire?  how many employers are chasing those same  candidates?  What are those candidates looking for when they pursue one job or another?  We will know how many candidates we will need to touch before we come up with the one who is the right fit.

Engaging candidates in the journey is the artistic part – how to trigger a candidate’s interest in becoming part of the team.  You might be amazed on much information can be gathered about a candidate’s underlying talents when you engage them in conversations  about the results they will be expected to achieve once hired.  Traditional vetting processes, focused on skills and experience, don’t even come close.    

Vetting processes typically  include a variety of screening and evaluation activities designed to gather information that can be used to predict the employee’s future performance on the job.  At PACE it involves a series of progressive and behaviorally based interviews, skill and aptitude assessments.

A new feature of our vetting program in 2024  is our use of an automated reference check process very early in the vetting process. In the past reference checking has been inserted towards the end of the process, but automation has allowed this process to be quickly activated right after the first screening interview. We believe this change will better set the tone for the seriousness of our hiring process and avoids either our team or our client spending time with a candidate who is less than forthcoming about their work history or past performance. An important nuance of our reference check process is that it is constructed to minimize a previous employer’s opinion, focused instead on verifying the candidate’s self reports.     

#3. Information Rich Hiring Decisions – Our Client’s Opportunity to Go Deep!

Armed with the information gathered during our screening and evaluation processes, our clients are able to focus their time with one or two candidate finalists and go deep into their approach to delivering the expected results. What challenges do they see? What talents do they have that they know can help the be successful?

This type of behavior based interviewing generally makes it easy for a hiring manager to see which candidates are most likely going to be successful once hired. It also encourages the candidate’s on going engagement.

Even those this stage of the hiring process is fully in our client’s court we typically recommend that our client…

  • Use a multi step evaluation process…..at least one or two interviews
  • Involve all the folks who will play a role in the new hire’s success in one or more steps in the evaluation process
  • Involve the hiring team with only 1-3 finalists – more makes the journey too exhausting for participants and leads to hiring mistakes
  • Wherever possible arrange for “on the job” interviews or discovery.  These types of exercises can be as simple as asking a candidate to spend 2-4 hours job shadowing – watching teammates in action, or attending a team meeting to see how the team interacts with one another.   Our favorite “on the job” evaluation is a “temp to hire work audition” where the employee actually starts work on the team but is in an interim, non employee role for a 2-3 month auditioning period.  We are big believers in try before you buy.  

When its time for our client to make the hiring decision the RESULTS FOCUS of the hiring process again comes into play.  The hiring decision is simply a prediction about which candidate is most likely to achieve the short and long term results needed and be the most motivated along the way.

#4. Pre- Offer Discovery – Making Sure You Get it Right!

Once our client decides who they want to hire, the recruiter’s role shifts to make sure their job offer aligns with the candidate’s needs and the competitive marketplace.  Most importantly it has to be an offer the  candidate will accept enthusiastically.

This last phase of the hiring journey is critical to a successful hiring process and employee retention down the road. While difficult to do without a skilled intermediary to make sure there are no communication misfires, when using a third party agent opportunities for miscues are nipped in the bud quickly.

#5.  Pre-Hire Compliance – The Finale!

The last step in the hiring process is to go thru the steps to make sure the candidate can become an employee, eligible to go to work in the US and have access to the employer’s facility.  In our state, some of the steps in the compliance process, the criminal background check for example, cannot be initiated until an offer has been made or accepted.

Compliance can be administered either by our team or by our client.  Either way PACE clients can rely on our compliance team to have the expertise to walk you thru any issue that might arise.

Final Thoughts – a Holistic Approach to Hiring, Performance, and Retention

We hope you now have some insights into the steps of the hiring process we have embraced and make part of our service delivery.  We know it lays the groundwork for hiring success and success on the job – a seamless journey from beginning to end.   It kick starts the onboarding process and the candidate’s first experiences as an employee.

Whether you’re a customer who has already integrated either our entire program or bits and pieces of our service offerings with yours,  or you’re a company that is looking for some fresh ideas to re vamp your own hiring process, we hope this information sparks some ideas about how to get started on becoming more RESULTS FOCUSED in who and how you hire.

If you have questions or run into some challenges along the way – never hesitate to call.  We’re here to help!!!!

PACE Staffing Network is one of the Puget Sound’s premier staffing /recruiting agencies and has been helping Northwest employers find and hire employees based on the “right fit” for over 45 years.

A 5-time winner of the coveted “Best in Staffing” designation , PACE is ranked in the top 2% of staffing agencies nationwide based on annual surveys of customer satisfaction.

PACE services include temporary and contract staffing, temp to hire auditionsdirect hire professional recruiting servicesEmployer of Record (payroll) services, and a large menu of candidate assessment services our clients can purchase a la carte.

If you’re a hiring manager looking for a service that will actually “make a difference” to who and how you hire, contact us at 425-637-3312 or fill out this form and we’ll be in touch!

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