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Mobile Apps for Healthcare Management

by Jeanne Knutzen | April 12, 2013

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2012 and 2013 are big years for Intuit Health software, since the company is now rolling out two new mobile apps that are expected to have an impact on healthcare management and administration. The first, called Mobile Inbox, will allow patients to access their doctors and health information from their mobile devices. The system will be able to handle a wide range of administrative tasks, like making appointments, paying co-pays, and reviewing lab results. The second, called the iPad Patient Check-In, will replace the patient sign-in sheet and clipboard with an iPad accessible app that will accept scans from driver’s licenses. Patients will be able to scan their licenses through a reader and the information blocks on the screen will populate automatically. These are only two of the new apps coming out this year that may change the way health care managers tackle tasks related to record keeping, patient care, and customer service. How Will Mobile Apps Impact Staffing? Apps like the iPad patient check in and mobile inbox will make patient access to information a little easier, but what impact will these developments have on healthcare managers? Specifically, how will these and other mobile utilities affect staffing? Those who have been in the industry for more than a decade may remember the initial challenges of electronic record keeping systems. When these systems were first introduced, newer, younger and less experienced staff members often adapted quickly, while older and more established practitioners sometimes distrusted the new systems and were slower to make the transition. As in almost every industry, those who are slower to adopt new technologies are often the most valued and experienced employees, which can place healthcare managers in a challenging position. But in most facilities, the challenges of ERM system adoption are now in the past. And the lessons learned from these adoptions remain with us. First and foremost, healthcare staffing managers have learned to value flexibility and tech-savvy as an appealing trait in new hires. And second, the format and delivery of countless training programs have been shaped around exactly these types of challenges. To make sure you’re hiring top candidates, and to make sure you’re properly training existing employees as you implement new systems, reach out for guidance. The experienced Seattle staffing experts at Pace are standing by to help you and your teams make the most of new technologies and opportunities.

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