We Look Forward to Mondays...
How About You?

When Your Week Days Are As Exciting As Your Weekends…

…you know you’re in the RIGHT JOB!  

The PSN team is all about helping you find a job where looking forward to Mondays is just as exciting as celebrating Fridays!

And to find that special job we need to get to know more about YOU!

Contact us directly at 425-454-1075…

…or apply for one of the jobs on our website, and we’ll get started immediately getting to know you, up close and personal. We know that when you find the right job – a job that “fits” – it changes everything and we want to help you do that!

If You Only Want To Work Intermittently

If you’re an EMPLOYEE who likes flexible work arrangements, our goal is to keep you working when you want to work, doing work you enjoy, with bosses and coworkers who appreciate what you do! Your assignments can be as long and meaty, or as short and simple as your current life choices need them to be.

If You Want To Go To Work Quickly

If you’re a JOB SEEKER who wants to earn money while going through a personal or professional transition, we will introduce you to some of the area’s top employers and work options that fit your personal circumstance!

If You Want A Job With Career Opportunity

If you’re a JOB SEEKER looking for a longer term career opportunity, we will put you a step ahead of your job seeking competitors. We broker hundreds of placement opportunities daily – all with some of the area’s leading employers! Many of these jobs never get released to the public, giving you the head start that can “make a big difference” to your job search.

And if you want to “try out a job” before you accept it on a permanent basis, we can do that too!    

Our up close and personal relationships with our temporary and contract workers is special!

  • The employee community has voted us one of the Best Recruiting Agencies in the Puget Sound!
  • Our own surveys tell us that job seekers rank our registration and interviewing process either as the best or amongst the best 85% of the time. We take the time to listen!



If you are visiting us for the first time and would like a personalized introduction to our registration process, contact us at 425-454-1075.